Our Story

Samuel J. Thurston has been doing web design and programming since 1998.  Over time, the flaming skull animated gifs were replaced by professional, clean looking graphics and javascript interface widgets, and the table-slice designs by layered xhtml and css.  Now forging into HTML5 and CSS3, Samuel always maintains an eye towards backwards compatibility: deliver the best functionality on modern browsers, and let the page degrade well in the older ones.

In early 2009, over a tacobar lunch, Samuel formed circul8tion to pool the best of the midwest's graphic and programming talent into an agency that can deliver top-quality web sites and applications at prices you can't find elsewhere.

Matthew Bellmore, aka "Paco," the semi-famous Iowa City bassist behind such bands as The Hoax and The Burning Halos, provides logistical and customer support, as well as programming and application setup.

Matthew Seeman cultivates an air of superiority and also does some outstanding design work, from his temporary home in Portland, OR.

Andrew J. Robertson serves as an IT and networking consultant and storage expert.  He is also our chief of photography, and our resident Apple fanboy.

JoAnn E. Binzen provides Human Resources consultation and the occasional nugget of sage wisdom.

Since that fateful taco tuesday, the circul8tion team has delivered great sites (and subcontracting) to well known cable television stations, major online publishers, musicians, restaurants, attorneys and retailers.  But our story has only just begun...