Our Applications Work for You

We offer fully-supported installations of our own custom products as well as a number of popular third-party applications designed to keep your sales machines well-oiled and your production targets on track.

Atrius - The Heart of Your Marketing Efforts.

Atrius is our own full-featured content management platform. Keep your web site fresh and gauge response to your message in real-time. Atrius solutions are suitable for any size site, any size company. Security, ease, and power at your fingertips.

Ventrius - Email That Gets Around.

E-Mail marketing that keeps your customers coming back for more. An industrial grade solution built for anyone to use, Ventrius lets your communication flow freely, and keeps word circulating about your new offerings. Effortlessly keep everyone in the loop. Tailor your message for each customer and get immediate feedback wherever you are.

MySQL - Database Management

MySQL is the global standard in scalable database management. We offer fully supported installation, configuration, and management services for MySQL servers. We also offer full-service database design, translation and conversion services.


Want a full-featured customizable project management software that's accessible anywhere? dotProject delivers task and role assignment, appointments, contacts, and file management. All at a fraction of the cost of the competition.


A flexible web-based invoice management system that tracks payment schedules, generates reports, and exports to your preferred accounting solution.

Joomla! CMS

We customize, install and support the current Joomla! CMS from the Joomla foundation. Custom-built addons give your Joomla!-based site a unique look and feel.


Full professional installation and customization of WordPress to get your industrial-strength blog up and running in no time. Can be themed to precisely match the existing look and feel of your website, or developed and extended to serve as a full-fledged CMS to manage your complete website.