circul8tion Products

circul8tion Suite

The circul8tion suite is a growing collection of online applications designed to centralize and refine the communications between your management, your staff, and your customers.  Any of the circul8tion Suite applications will act as a stand-alone product, however in concert they work together to provide a complete integrated system.

At the core of the suite is Atrium, the central recieving station.  Atrium is a portal engine or CMS designed for flexibility and ease. Atrium not only acts as a your website interface, but also as a hub for the communications within and outside your organization.

Atrium connects with Ventrius, a modern email marketing system.  Ventrius helps spread the word about the community that you're building using Atrium and bring more people into the fold.

Basil is the interior side of the equasion, offering a unique communication experience and persistent knowledge management for your organization.  More than a project managment tool, Basil keeps your team in sync and working together.

Presently all three members of the circul8tion suite are offered as exclusive betas to our clients.